Leaving work

Today was my last day at work. I'm feeling very grateful to have had the opportunity to work for FNF / Lawyers Title.  To my surprise, they actually asked me to return to work when I come back.  Wow, it feels really good to be appreciated.  All week people came by to say goodbye and wish me well. Many people gave me gifts and cards.  Most of the gifts were travel related, and so thoughtful.  Robert Marcos had lunch delivered for our team, and made the whole day feel like a celebration. I was actually blown away, and so sad to say goodbye!

When I first told people about the trip most people asked if I was scared, or what my family thought of the idea.  I'm not scared, and my parents thought the idea was great.  My brother was a little worried and jokingly asked me to stay in touch daily.  I'm not sure why I was surprised that people were so supportive and excited for me.

My Dad also emailed me today.  He said the hardest part of a big trip is getting off the dock (he's a sailor), and he is so right.

Now I have to move out of my place, so much to do, so little time!