PJ Had Surgery

I met a British lady here in Mexico that rescues dogs.  I asked her if she could recommend a vet nearby, and of course she could. She said she would take me there the following day.  PJ has a couple small "tumors" at the base of his tail.  I took him to the vet in the US, and decided against the recommended surgery.  I wanted to see what a vet here would say. 

Jackie, the British lady, took me to a nice clinic, where the vet lived upstairs and had his practice on the ground floor.  She introduced me to a man in his early thirties, wearing a baseball hat, jeans and cowboy boots.  I liked him right away.  I noticed when I walked in he didn't look at PJ, even when PJ barked at him.  He ignored him while PJ sniffed him, and then slowly he squatted down to PJ's level.  He was so close he was almost touching him.  After a minute or so he slowly reached over and touched him.  He spoke to him in Spanish, and scratched behind his ear.  Then he lifted each ear to look inside.  He looked him over and said he noticed a couple lumps, which I knew about, but they are hard to see.  He asked me to lift PJ's tail so he could see the "tumors".  He asked me if he could sedate him a little so he could get a closer look.  PJ doesn't like vets, and there was no way he would let someone lift his tail and take a good look without sedation.  I said OK, and he sedated him with a needle in the waiting area.  I liked this because PJ is more comfortable in the waiting room.  He did a whole exam and said he could remove the tumors, and could do it now since he was half way sedated.  I said OK.

He did the rest of the sedation in the waiting room.  PJ layed in sun coming in from the front door, and eventually he was completely out.  Just laying there on the floor in the doorway.  Jackie helped the doctor lift his limp body up off the floor and carry him to the surgery room.  I didn't expect Jackie to assist with the surgery, but she did.  The door to the room was open, but I didn't want to look so I just stared at the floor in the waiting room.

One of the tumors was just a fatty tissue, and the vet didn't know what the other one was.  He said he noticed fluid in PJ's belly, and asked if he could take a sample. He did, and said it wasn't normal.  Then he took an x-ray, which showed the fluid, but no obvious "mass".  He said that PJ probably has something growing, but he wasn't sure where exactly.  He said PJ is fine right now, and recommended I just carry on as I always have with him.  He said if there is something growing it could be fast or slow.  He said he could have a couple more years, and sometimes miracles happen. He said I will know when something is wrong. 

I look at PJ's face and he is very happy.  He is spending lots of time with us now, and really enjoying the hikes, bike rides and especially playing in the ocean.  He's 9 years old and still going strong, so I have hope.