On the move

Bahia Kino

Bahia Kino

We spent some time in Bahia Kino.  Checked out the town by bike, kayaked in the bay, found a couple secret swimming spots.  We are trying to embrace the simple life.  I am trying to enjoy all of it.   We are definitely in our element.    Even the dreaded RV shower situation has been improved.  Now that we are in hot weather I have been using the outdoor shower exclusively.  L-O-V-E   I-T. 

We are preparing most of our meals now, instead of eating out.  Tonight I made tasty tostadas (did I spell that right?).  The groceries are inexpensive at little local markets.  Our biggest expense is gas.  RV parks are inexpensive, and sometimes we just park on a beach for free. 

Jorge is great about meeting people and finding out where to go, where to stay.  We are currently staying at a closed RV park on the beach.  The owner just sold it, and is on his way out.  Jorge saw him as we drove by and stopped to talk to him.  He asked if we could stay there – we told him we were okay with no hookups (electricity and water – which we have on our own).  He offered us full hookups for a very minimal fee.  We have the whole place to ourselves, on the beach, and even have a very nice patio to watch the sunsets.

Jorge also got the inside scoop that in Bahia Kino that we could exchange our dollars for pesos at the pharmacy, shoe store and their small market.  I am practicing my Spanish so I can be more useful in the future.

PJ is doing well, but now that we spend every moment with him I can feel him getting very attached.  He is loving his freedom, and hasn't worn a leash much. He is getting along better than expected with the Mexican dogs. 

The other day we went down a long sandy road to this amazing unspoiled beach that went on for miles.  The waves were challenging and it took PJ a couple tries to get past the break.  Once he got it, he was a pro.  He swam really well in a big swell, I was impressed.  He also picked up body surfing, which he had to do to return to the beach.  Is there anything he can’t do?!