Alamos, Sonora, Mexico

It’s been way too easy having Jorge translate for me, so my Spanish has not improved much.  I do fine when I am on my own, but when Jorge is with me I just sit back and let him do the talking. Not good.  Yesterday I was talking to a man that runs the RV park we are at, and he asked me if Jorge was my husband.  I said no.  Then he asked me if he was my friend.  I didn’t know the word for boyfriend, so I was trying to explain it to him, but the man didn’t get it.  Later I asked Jorge how you say boyfriend in Spanish, and he said there wasn’t a word for it.  What?  How do explain it without a word?  He said Mexicans don’t really recognize “boyfriend/girlfriend”.  However, there is a word for fiancé (novio).  Interesting, I had no idea. 

Another subject that I am now more enlightened on is driving in Mexico.  In particular, the practice of passing.  Drivers seem to be willing to risk life and limb to pass you, because they will attempt to pass, even when they are in the path of a head on collision.  The apparent “work around” to avoid a collision is to squeeze through the middle of the two cars going in opposite directions.  The problem is that many roads and highways don’t have a shoulder, so this can cause either of the outside cars to steer off the road in order to avoid an accident.  So driving in Mexico can be an adventure in itself!

After being on the coast we decided to go for a change of scenery so we headed inland.  I had heard of a small colonial town called Alamos.  I had read about the narrow cobblestone streets and the network of old buildings that remain from a different era.  It sounded like an enchanting place, and I was not disappointed.

We explored the town on foot and on our bikes.  My description in photos below.

In Alamos, we stayed at Rancho Acosta, a ranch that is walking distance to the town center.  They offered a few RV spots, guest rooms and a beautiful pool.  They charged us $15 per day for our RV, with the 7th day free.  That included electricity and water every other day – perfect!  The owners were very friendly and accommodating.  Photos of the ranch below.

We took two side trips from Alamos, to escape the oppressive heat.  Below are my photos of Huatabampito Beach and the Mayo River.