PJ Ramirez    Our five dollar dog

PJ Ramirez

Our five dollar dog

In 2007, while in Tijuana with Jorge's family, I saw a little girl walking down the street carrying two puppies.  They were so tiny and cute, I had to stop her to see if I could hold one.  I immediately liked the tan colored puppy.  He was about four pounds.  I asked the little girl if she was keeping them or giving them away, and she said she was selling them for $5.00.  I could never imagine getting a puppy without planning and preparing for it, but Jorge glanced at the little puppy and said "let's take him".  The thought was to get the puppy for Jorge's daughter who was eight at the time.  So that was it,  I paid the girl and we had a puppy.  Jorge's daughter named him Pajamas, because he slept a lot, and we eventually shortened the name to PJ.